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Will you survive in Minecraft?!?

What will happen if you encounter some zombies?! What will happen if you're stranded in the night with no shelter?!? Will you survive in Minecraft!?!?


You log into your world, and you have no shelter. What's the first thing you do?



Okay, you make a small house, but you don't have any tools. What now?



Let's say you made the tools you need, but as you finish mining, nighttime falls and you're far away from your house. What do you do?



Nighttime passes, but you're VERY low on hunger. What do u do?



You're very healthy, and everything goes well, but you want to go to the Nether. What will you bring with you?



You come back from the Nether, but when you go back to the main world, its already nighttime. Your house is also surrounded by monsters. What now?



You're running out of food sources, because you killed almost all the animals in your area. Luckily, you see a small village 4 meters away. What do you do?



You find a nearby cave, and you need some coal, iron, and other ores for your armor and tools. What do you do?



While mining, you spot some diamonds! But the diamonds are hanging over a pool of lava. What do you do?



You got lots of food, tools, ores, a small farm and mine, and good armor. But now you want to do the interesting stuff! What do you want to do?



Let's say you did everything you wanted to do, and now, somehow thousands of mobs confront you. What do u do!?!



Okay the quiz is done!



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