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denotes an age-restricted test.

Are you a gamer - Do you think you are a gamer?
Are You A Famous Youtuber - This test will tell you if you are a famous youtuber
How Well Do You Know GamingWithJen - How well do you know GamingWithJen?
Goody goody quiz - The this test to find out if you are a goody goody or a goody two shoes or a teachers pet
Are you an archaeopteryx? - Archaeopteryx was a bird-like feathered reptile which existed approximately 148 million years ago. Find out if you are one.
Do you wear diapers - Diapers or not???
dantdm's quiz - how well do you know the diamond minecart or dantdm
Stupid or Smart? - Are you sterperd or ÎξÏÏνοÏ
Are you derpy? - A test about whether or not you are derpy.
Do You Know Minecraft? (Difficult) - This test will depict how well you think you know your "Minecraft," stuff, Good luck! Test By KiwiLovesBacon21 on PMC
Can You Sing - Don't worry if it says no, singing just must not be your thing
Ultimate True Directioner Test - Everything a true directioner should know, in one quiz :). YOU CALL YOURSELF A DIRECTIONER LET'S PUT YOU TO THE TEST
do you know RadioJH Adruey? - one of my friend,s fav youtuber,s
WANNNA BE FRANDS DUDE :D - *sings* why can't we be friends? why can't we be friends? why can't we be friends? why can't we be frriieennddss
Really Hard Naruto Quiz - Hard! ;) and some other stuff hi hope u like test

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