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denotes an age-restricted test.

Good Friend - Are you a godd friend? This test will see how much of a good freind you really are.
are you awesomer than a burrito? - this test will tell you if you are awesomer than a burrito
are u popular - u will be tested with extreme questions
Minecraft Xbox 360 quiz - This quiz is about the Xbox version of minecraft (Xbox 360, not Xbox one)
Zombie survival Quiz - Zombie survival Quiz
How much do you know about Pokemon? - This quiz tests how well you know about Pokemon. If you only get one right, do try and revise before taking it again.
Zombie Survival test.Can you survive? - I am a 9 year old who knows ALOT about zombie survival and has tooken about 20 zombie survival test and only 2 have said i would die.
Are u DanTDM ??? - Are u DanTDM ??? Take this test to find out !!!
Your warrior cat character - Find out your warrior cat name, rank, looks, clan, and more!
How well do you know Jeff the killer? - What does thou know about Jeff the killer?, take thy test here
Are you an Anti-Bieber? - Are you sick of him?
all about naruto - difficult naruto test
are u hated? - do people hate u? find out
r u a animal lover - do u love animals well u can find out here
Think your a Popularmmos fan? - Quiz about the youtubers Popularmmos

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