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denotes an age-restricted test.

really cool - this test is really cool
jealous - Are you easily jealous or not??? Find out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto Clash Of Ninja Testolution 2! - This is a test of Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2....
the school killer PART ONE - u ready to rp bro?
Do you know Sword Art Online? - Do you know SAO? find out by taking a test!
how well do you know adam and sheikh? - ASA (adam and sheikh)
Who is your Greek Goddess parent? - Have you ever wondered who your greek goddess parent would be? if you did, take this test.If you didn't, take this test anyway just for fun.
ZOMBIES! - Survivor or not?
Are you an ULTIMATE Brony? - Are you an ULTIMATE Brony?
5 nights at Freddy's quiz - This quiz will see how much you know about FNAF! Hope you like my quiz:)
Alfie Deyes Quiz - this is a test to see how well you know Alfie Deyes and if you are part of the pointleesgang
Do u know popularmmos??? - do u know popularmmos
Are you Weird Quiz - This test will see how weird you are.:)
How well do you know Liverpool FC? - A quick quiz to find out if you know liverpool football team.
Best Naruto - Come On! Its Easy!

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