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Are you a Real and True mermaid? - Find out if you are a real and true mermaid!
dragon ball true fan test - dragon ball knowledge
Scarily Strange - Did you know that a knott is simply a knott tied in a knott which = a calypso sandwich? Cuz I did :)
MINECRAFT would you survive day 1 - Are you going to die at the start?
How Well do YOU know Denis? - Us super fans are too XD! Now lets test your real knowledge!
JACKSEPTICEYE QUIZ - Hello and welcome to the jacksepticeye quiz!
Will you survive on an island alone - Will you survive. Find out!
Could you be my boyfriend??? - Here's a test to see if you could be my boyfriend if you score high enough you will get my email and we can take it from there
How well do you know FNAF? - Hi again! Welcome to another quiz!
Do you know LDShadowlady? - How well do you LDShadowlady from YouTube?
How well do you know iBallisticSquid - This quiz will test you on how much you like iBallisticSquid
Do u know Twilight well? - This test is about how well you know the movie/book series Twilight! Have fun! :)
EPIC PopularMMOs Quiz!!!! - This is a fun, cool, and awesome test to take of PopularMMOs!!!
how well do you know niall horan? - How well do you know Niall Horan? Find out here!
The Amazing World Of Gumball Ultra Quiz - Are you an Ultra fan of The Amazing World of Gumball? Test your friends and family!

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