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Surviving the Hunger Games - A personal test deciding on how long you would last the hunger games
What type of character are you? - Ever wonder if you were placed into a story what role you would fill? This quiz will tell you exactly what you want to know!
r u a noob or pro - r u noob or pro find out!
would you survive a zombie outbreak - take to see if you would survive
Are you coffee or tea - Are you coffee or tea, how similar are you to coffee or tea
Stampylongnose - This is about stampylongnose
Are you addicted to minecraft? - ARE YOU ADDICTED TO MINECRAFT?!?!???
are you a wolf? - an ok test that you may like
Zombie original - Well the world is being taken over by zombies and you need to save your ass. Do you know what to do?
Are you good as an Assassin? - Did you ever wanted to know if you are a good assassin?WELL,now you can now!
minecraft test - tis is a minecraft test
DanTDM quiz - DanTDM fan? come on board this cruise ship and lets answer some questions to pass time!
(Short) Would You Survive? - Would you survive or nah?
Minecraft Story Mode - An new minecraft game
DanTDM Quiz - So DanTDM is a very famous YouTuber, I wanted to create a quiz for his biggest fans. Let's see if you fully know Dan's history, or do not? Good luck!

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