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Are You Really A Minecraft Lover? - This Test will Decide if you really are a Minecraft Character!
R u random??? (i am) - Find out how random you are! TAKE MY TEST NOW!!!!!
easy FNAF quiz - how well do you know Five nights at freddy's 1 2 3
Jacksepticeye Quiz,How much do YOU know? - Want to find out how much you know about Jacksepticeye? Well heres your answer!
is your hair funky - it's a cool test, trust me
How badly do you need to pee? - This test will tell you how full your bladder is!
Zombie survival test - A weighted test to determine your ability to survive a zombie apocalypse.
Does He Like You Back? - To find out if he likes you take this quiz!
Do U Hav Issues? - Do u hav issues? Do ppl run or scream if u begin talking 2 them? Well find out if wat evry1 sez is tru, by taking dis test, and this is the bad kinda issues
Do you have Asperger's Syndrome? - This test will give you a vague idea on whether you have the mental disorder Asperger's Syndrome, which affects social abilities.
Are you a future millionaire? - Do you want to know wat ur future holds? Do you want to know if u will be a millionaire?
Do you like waffles song - Hi I'm Ella this is a random waffle test
Divergent - What are you? Dauntless? Candor? Erudite? Divergent? Abnigation? Amity? You Choose!
Will I survive a zombie apocalypse? - This is NOT some kind of hoax, this quiz will ultimatly tell you the truth on whether or not you can survive a zombie apocalypse
How much do you know about cars? (hard) - This test is an rigorous examination of car related knowledge that isn't trivial, but practical.

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