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denotes an age-restricted test.

Guess the flags - Hellooooooooooooo
Geography quiz - Do you know countries and flags?
Are u a real AlbertsStuff/Flamingo fan? - FIND OUT IF YOU ARE A REAL OG
How Well Do You Know Me? - It Tis Fun, Figure Out More If You Play
How well do you know demons in gd - How well do u know demons in gd
take this quiz - this is not a real test it is a quiz
What do you know about technology - All things phones, tablets and computers
are you a supernatural hunter? - think you are the doom of all evil? take this test to find out!
Stampy quiz - You should not research!Have fun
Are you a good person? - Find out if you are a good person!
MCD Quiz - How well do you think you know MCD
Do you know finn balor - Hey I love finn balor
MCPE 1.4.0 - 123456789123456
Are u fun - Be fun, its good for you.
How well do YOU know Undertale? - Thus quiz is about the beloved game, Undertale. It might just be an 16-bit type of game, but it has true meaning and if it wants to be sad, it'll make ya sad. If it's gonna make ya mad, you will be.

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