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denotes an age-restricted test.

Are You Rich Or Poor? - good luck have fun!
Are u an idiot? - If u are an idiot, stop! Its for your own good
do you no minecraft? - are you a true minecraft pro?
Do you know Youtube? - Do you want to prove that you know YouTube?
does REALLY he like you????? - The test is most likely but with a chance of it not accurate. More accurate for middle school girls.
Are you selfish test - This only for fun donât be mad or upset with the resaults
What will be the answer?? - Hello world be happy and always smile
How well do you know DanTDM? - Come to this quiz if you are positive you know everything about DanTDM
will you survive a zombie apocolypse 2? - this is a fun little test for you to enjoy!
Are You Smart ? - Are You Smart is just a fun game. you can take turns playing . Also it doesnât mean your dumb itâs just for fun.
Warriors: Life/Clan - Warrior cats life and clan!
Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse? - good luck have fun!
very very easy quiz - this test is fairly easy
How well do YOU know Undertale? - Thus quiz is about the beloved game, Undertale. It might just be an 16-bit type of game, but it has true meaning and if it wants to be sad, it'll make ya sad. If it's gonna make ya mad, you will be.
VA salespersons test 2 - This is the second part of the VA salespersons test

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