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denotes an age-restricted test.

How well do you know Roblox? - Test how well you know Roblox!
DO U KNO DA WAE - da wae of da deval
Are you nerdy? - Need to prove you are a nerd? Take this test to do just that!!!
Minecraft - this is about minecraft
Which video game are you? - Which game are you? Or are you a mixture? Click on the title right there ^^^ to find out :P
Mermaid, Fairy, or Dragon(ette)? - Welcome. Are you a mermaid, dragon, or fairy???
Dantdm - For dantdm fans!
Are you part cat? - Find out if you are part cat and meow and stuff!
How Much Do You Like Cats? - This test shows how much you love cats, in order to love a cat you have to get this test correct
Ariana Grande Quiz! - Do you know anything about Ariana Grande?
Are you a good babysitter? (By Moon) - My cat is staring at me like a stalker XD
free robux if u sore over 90% - if u get more that 90% u get free robux
UnspeakableGaming Quiz - This is a simple test of UnspeakableGaming
Are You A True FNaF Fan? - You hear a thump, followed by another. Scraptrap is approaching on the right vent, you turn the ventilation off and pivot towards the noise. You shine your flashlight. Then, out of the blue, Flossy Gl
what do you know about ihascupake - play to you die ;D

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