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Would you survive a horror movie?

A test to see if you could survive Hollywood's finest horror movies.


You are being chased by chucky in your house. What do you do?



You enter a dark room with 1 light source



You are being chased. You find a car, but it has no keys



You find a gun, it is loaded with one shot



You run into a forest with the killer on your tail



You are stuck in your room, chucky is trying to climb inside, what do you do?



You are wrestling with the dude from Texas Chainsaw. His chainsaw is not with him but on the floor just out of arms reach. What do you do?



You are in a bathroom and you opened a mirror cabinet (you fool). You know the killer is behind you. What do you do?



You see someone ELSE running from a killer down you're street. The person is shouting "HELP!" What do you do?



You disarm the killer, and knock him/her out. What do you do?


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