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Are You a REAL Harry Potter Fan?

DO YOU REALLY LOVE HARRY POTTER? This will tell whether you are just going through a phase, or potterhead for lifee! Answer HONESTLY! Do NOT just answer what you think will give you good results. Thank you and have lots of fun!


Would you spend your well earned job money on Harry Potter chocolate frogs, wands, and cloaks, and merchandise that costs a LOT of money?



If you could switch your room to ANYTHING in the world, would you switch it to Harry Potter? You would have to keep it that way for 7 years!



Does your family like Harry Potter?



If you could make a commercial, free, and have it show on tv, would you make it about Harry Potter?



Do you quote Harry Potter a lot, even if other people find it annoying?



If you had/have a Harry Potter loving best friend, would HP be the ONLY thing you talk about?



Is the following You Know You're A Potterhead When True? You've seriously considered having a Harry Potter themed wedding. Even if you are kid, this is for when you grow up. Or if you are already married, pretend like you aren't and choose.



If you were babysitting someone, and they had Harry Potter Legos, would you play with them the whole time?



Have you read and watched all the movies and books?



If you could meet any famous person, would you want to meet someone from Harry Potter or J.K. Rowling?


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