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would you suvive a minecraft night in ha

would u suvive the hardest night in minecraft on difficulty hard? well if think u can think again! thry this to see if ur correct


You just spawn in a new world what do you do?



[If yo went in a cave u died] you got a chose a wood sowrd or a wood pickaxe



you went in to a mine found 1 dimond and broke the dimond with a sword well done u have no dimonds...
[ if u chose sword] then u got blown up by a creeper...



your about to go in a cave do u:



[ if u went strait in] you found a raven it is all jolly till ur pick brakes and you have no wood soon u die of hunger



[if you got blocks] u find a cave and found dimonds but ur pick broke and you got hit into the lava by a zombie



after getting wood u head in the cave find iron make a crafting tabel sticks and a...



[ if u made a sword ] um u cant make a sword out of iron blocks... then u die of a creeper explotion



[if u made a hoe] no u die of stupidity



[if u chose furnice ] u went to land got a wife or husband and lived happily ever after



did u like the quiz ? btw its the first one


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