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Alphabetic testing

I came up with an innovative sort of tests on NerdTests. In the Alphabetic testing game, the first question starts with A, the answers to it - with B, thenext question - with C, and so on, until the end of the alphabet.
The test taker should choose which answer amongst the provided fis best what he or she would write in response to the sentence in the question, if they were playing the Alphabetic posting game. :-)
The percentage at the end of the test shows how similarly the test maker and the test taker would answer.

A test by Ivo Atanasov, an autistic man from Bulgaria, South-East Europe. :-)


Awesomeness is a feature of the NerdTests site.



Cake, cookies and chocolate have a wonderful sweets taste.



Elephants have long trunks.



Greece is a very nice country which borders Bulgaria.



I like summer, I really like the sunny weather.



Keeping laws is something really good, which I do always and which everyone should do.



Mistakes could happen to everyone, so forgiving some of them is good.



Once upon a time there were a rabbit and a wolf, chasing the rabbit; when the wolf got kissed by a human, it turned into a prince`s father-in-law.



Quality or quantity - which of them would you rather put more emphasis on?



Seaside is amongst the places I love going to in summer, I like traveling, and my favorite kind of destinations are sea beaches.



Undoubtedly, I like looking at the sea very much.



Would you rather prefer xylophone melodies or xenophobia?



You took a test by me - thank you! Good bye!


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