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Geometry Dash Trivia

Are you the master of Geometry Dash? Can you measure up to the creator of Geometry Dash? Can you beat Cataclysm?! Can you beat Bloodbath?! Can you beat Back on Track?! You might, but skill doesn't matter in this test. This takes massive knowlege. This test will challenge what you know about Geometry Dash.


What is the name of the new enemy in Geometry Dash 2.0?



How many Official Geometry Dash levels with the rating of "Harder" are there?



What was largly considered the hardest level in Geometry Dash in 1.9 that has been beaten without hacks?



How do you get past the secret guard in the options menu?



Why did RobTop call himself RobTop?



How many icons are there to choose from?



In the level editor, how many commands are there? Ex. BG point or Toggle Spawn



What do you need to do before you can upload a level that you created?



What was a inspiration for Geometry Dash?



What was Geometry Dash originally named?


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