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Game Grumps Quiz

Do you know the game grumps history? find out with this quiz! GAME GRUMPS UNITE!!


What is the first game game grumps played when danny joined?



Who is the editor?



Which two worked with starbomb?



What game did they replay?



What does Mike say?



Who was a member of the D CLUB?



who used to be the 'not so grump'?



When arin was a child, he went to chuck e cheese. he was gonna throw a skeeball. chuck e cheese came up and held out his hand. arin gave him a high five, but chuck e cheese did not want that, he wanted his skeeball. so arin gave chuck e cheese the skeeball (note: this is arin's last skeeball)and chuck e cheese threw it and missed. what did chuck e cheese do? (This is a true stroy arin told)



Who kept choosing big zam all the time in one episode of game grumps?



Why did jon leave game grumps? (sad moment in game grumps :( we have a replacement though)


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