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Could You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

A zombie outbreak occurs, and officials confirm that the plague will not be over for another 10 years. What will you do to survive?


While you are sleeping, multiple zombies start bashing your door. You know you only have seconds before the door falls. You have 4 items, a baseball bat, a knife, a gun with 1 bullet, and a frying pan. Which do you choose?



You grab your weapon of choice and camp out next to a staircase. The zombies break down the door and proceed up the staircase, what do you do? (Each item has 2 answers.)



You manage to kill all the zombies (Whether it's bashing their skulls in with the empty pistol or hitting them down the stairs), you need to alert your family and friends to form a survival group. It's 5:00am and it's still very dark. How do you go about getting to your friends and family?



You get to your location, but there's a problem, your family and friends live on the same street and both have zombies crowding them. They don't have weapons and you can only save one. Who do you save? Your friends have medkits and food and water, but your family only has water.



Both your family and friends get out of the madness alive and you do too. You've heard that there is a group of people prepared for this situation up north. They're 2 miles away and you can get there walking in 6 hours or drive there for 15 minutes. How do you get there?



You get to the preppers's home, a massive fort, and you also find some weapons. 3 of you have pistols and 2 have rifles. You have 15 pistol rounds and 20 rifle rounds. The rest all have knifes/bats/pans. How do you assault the base?



You attack the fort in two time periods. You take out major forces in the day, and finish them off in the night (If you chose to ask to stay, they said no and were going to attack you if you stayed there any longer). You now have an operational base with food, water, clothing, technology, power, wells, farms, protection, weapons, space for expansion, building materials, 2 hostages that have joined you, and beds. How do you go about protecting your amazing fort?



On your portable radio you hear talk about a massive attack heading to your home town. The operatives talk about 1000-1500 zombies heading your way in an effort to find food. How will you attack the zombies and protect your base?



You manage to make it through but one of your family members is bitten. They have 3 days before they turn. A hospital has claimed to have a cure for the virus, but only when the person is alive. It is a 4 day walk, a 2 1/2 day boat ride, and a 2 day drive. Which do you chose and how do you get fuel if you chose a vehicle?



If you stayed home, you ended up dying due to a giant group of zombies, so try again on the last question. If you took a boat or a car there, you made it there, cured your friend, and found a military base to stay in with even more and better supplies than your old base did. If you walked, many of your family members and friends died of dehydration. After this experience, do you think you would survive? (Does not affect score)


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